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This woman is different from any other girls I know before. She is the kind of woman that is down to earth, loyal and honest all the time. I am amazed of humbleness even though she got everything she needed in life and can have it in just one snap her attitude towards everyone is the same. She has this kind of attitude that will never downgraded poor people in spite she help them. North London escorts is one of the prettiest woman you will ever met in your life, she would be with you always and never abandon you. I am happy that a woman like her ended up with me, it’s so rare to find like a North London escort in these days. This time gets hard to be with someone who would be faithful on you throughout the years. She is the kind of woman I really wanted to spend years. She is an incredible woman, and a lot of people know that. Her name is Kathy; ever since she became a North London escort from she became popular fast and became one of the most in demand North London escort. I never knew about North London escort, but my friend keeps talking about her. It’s my friend George who came from North London shares his unforgettable experience to me when he was in the place. She can’t stop but appreciate all the beautiful things in North London and of course, Kathy the North London escort. North London escort Kathy is a great woman, George said. He told me that North London escort was really famous in the country and he has proven it why. North London escort is a great companion of an alone heart. George said hat I must have try to come to North London and see Kathy for myself to be mesmerized by her beauty and feel relax. I didn’t think about it much since I have no plan of traveling. I have no enough money since I have to support my mom’s medication. But the time has come, my mom never made it. She lost the battle and she died. I can’t still move on from her up to the time that my work is affected. I remember George told me about, Maybe I need a place and meet new people. I book myself a ticket and go to North London. Maybe George is right I have to go out for a while to rest myself. When I came to North London, I immediately realized what George has told me. It’s a beautiful huge place. Maybe this would help me in moving on from my mom’s death. I can see a lot of ads about North London escorts, and it’s true that Kathy the North London escort was really beautiful. The next day I decided to book Kathy early in the morning. I am so excited to meet her, when we met it was a different feeling, I feel like I am seeing an angel on earth. North London escort is once in a lifetime woman you will ever been counters


When I first started to think about opening my own agency, I wanted to make it a unique experience.




Being in the escort’s service in London can be a very competitive experience, and you need to have some sort of niche or edge. This is why I opened my own agency with just English escorts. During my time in the business, I have noticed that more and more girls are coming from abroad, I did not want that, so I set out to find English escorts. According to Kensington escorts.


It was really hard to set up VIP Kensington escorts from, says Marie. A lot of English girls do not want to work as escorts. I am not sure why the lifestyle have fallen out of fashion, or isn’t trendy any longer. But for some reason, English girls do not want to work as escorts. It is a shame because there is a real demand for English escorts. As a matter of fact, a lot of international business men that I have spoken to are disappointed that they often end up dating foreign girls in the UK, it does not seem right somehow.


I wanted to change all of this with VIP Kensington escorts, and it seems that I have succeeded. Yes, it was tough to recruit girls but in the end I knew that I was on to a winner. Within the first couple of months, I had more dates that we could handle and it seems that I am forever busy trying to recruit new girls. A lot of the gents who use the agency are from abroad, and really like the fact that they can date English roses at the agency. It was an anxious time at first but I know that I am onto a winner.


As you may have guessed, I was born in the UK. I am proud of the fact that I am an English Rose. Lots of my friends who do not work for an escorts service, seem to have quite tough lives. I would say that escorting is a good career choice for many girls, but sadly they don’t see it that way. Lots of the girls that I speak to seem to think that it is not a “good job”. Well, I beg to differ and I know lots of escorts who have achieved some great things.


I am 27 years old, and I have my own successful business. Lots of girls may not want to become Kensington escorts, but there are plenty of other jobs in the adult industry in London. I know that working for organization such as VIP Kensington escorts is probably rather a unique experience, and a lot of girls do not want to go there. However, I don’t think that girls should rule it out completely. I have my own apartment in London, and I think that there are very few girls who can say that they own their own home at 27 years old.…

I know that my West Midland escort girlfriend still loves me very much even if she is away.


My life is a complete mess when my West Midland escort had gone far away for a job that she want run down. At first I thought that I am going to easily get through the fact that she is away, this West Midland escort told me that she was going away for four and a half months. And I thought that it’s no big deal, but for months without this Beautiful West Midland escort is hard. I do not know what more I can do to make her feel better. I just hope that I will be able to stay stronger now that she is alone as well as me. When we talk on the phone she seems fine but deep down indie I know that this West Midland escort is feeling homesick. I feel helpless, I want to do something about it but can’t. If I just have the power to do something about it I would not hesitate at all. I know that this West Midland escort makes me feel well and alive, but now that she is gone I feel dead inside, even though she will come back to my arms I still feel hopeless. I realised that I really love this West Midland escort. I can’t even bare the fact that she is gone. I do not know what I should do if something is going to happen to her when she is away. I want to believe in my strength because it’s slowly fading. It really helps when my West Midland escort girlfriend is calling me. She knows that I am really depressed now that she is away. I told her that I will do everything that I can to be strong, but I know that this West Midland escort knows that I am not alright. We have not really had a choice on the matter. This West Midland escort’s job unimportant to her and all I can do is support her. I will try not to interfere with whatever is going on with her life. As long as the time for her coming back is slowly getting closer I will feel alright. I know that things may get a little harder for the both of us since I have not seen her in person for a very long time but that is alright. I know that my life would still be alright because I do not want to do anything that would ruin my relationship with her. I know that I have no choice but to stand up to myself and support my West Midland escort girlfriend. I hope that my life would be better as time goes by. There are so many things I wanted to do when she gets back home. Now that I know what is the feeling of her far away from me I will appreciate her more this time. I know that our love may have a lot of problems in the past but it’s totally alright because we still love each other.…

The moment I marry a Beckenham escorts was the best thing that happened to me

There are lots of good reasons to be happy in this world, despite of the bad things that happened to us there is always something we should be thankful for. Many people want to be with someone who can be a potential partner for a lifetime. Someone can make you happy and alive. There are lots of people who have found their right one, and you can see to them how happy they are together. It’s so lovely to see couples who are sweet and doesn’t care what the world throws at them. Because what’s more important is having someone that will never leave you. When someone is there for you, everything seems to be easy and possible.

Love is one of the most beautiful things to experience of mankind. When we are in love, we see the world differently like we always see the positive side of it. What’s more is that having a partner that always pushes us to be better is fantastic. Someone that is willing to make us feel special every day. Someone that will never leave us whatever happens. And that someone is worth to keep. Just like me who have move to the next level of our relationship since I am so sure that we are compatible to each other. She and I have been together for a long time, and ever since there is no third party issue.

I am proud and grateful that I found my happiness in Beckenham escorts of, I knew already that the first time I saw her there is something with her that is very mysterious. I also didn’t expect that I will find my true love there since I went there just to meditate and make myself feel better. I was just come from a failed relationship, and I decided to go out of town to forget. It wasn’t easy for me, at first I can’t think clearly because I was so much in pain. My ex-girlfriend just dump the five years we have into some guy. After months of isolating, I went to Beckenham since we have relatives there too. When I arrived there I was met by my uncle and cousins and received a warm welcome.

My uncle told me about Beckenham escorts that are famous in their town, so he suggested me that at the next day I should have book a Beckenham escorts. Since I have nothing to do, I book a Beckenham escorts that really amuse me because of her looks. Aside from that she loves to joke around and make me laugh. Beckenham escorts tour me around the place, she is fun to be with, and it’s lightening the feeling. I have loved being with Beckenham escorts since day one, it was followed by many more bookings. Later on, we develop feelings to each other that made us together until now. Last year I have married my Beckenham escorts, and that was the best decision I did.…

My dream job was really to be an adult entertainment model, but I wasn’t making enough money

It was really hard work as well. You were running from shot to shot, and it cost you a lot of money in cab fares. it was okay to take the Underground but you ended up really stressed normally. That wasn’t any good for a job, so I like so many other girls, I ended out of pocket. One of the girls that I met, worked part time for Fulham escorts of, and she knew that they were looking for girls.

Eventually, I gave up on adult modelling and moved onto escorting instead. The first couple of days were kind of nerve wrecking but I got the hang of it. All of the girls who worked for Fulham escorts are really nice, and want to help you. They were happy to give me a few pointers and ideas during my first few weeks at the agency. With their help, I learned the job rather quickly and I actually started to enjoy it. A lot of the gents that you meet are business travelers and that is rather interesting in itself.

Fulham escorts is often seen as an airport escorts agency, and that can mean that you do a lot of one off dates. Some of the girls who had joined from other agencies, said that I should try to build up regular dates. At first I thought that was going to be impossible at an agency, but it turned out a lot of people do visit town on regular basis. For instance, you end up dating a lot of businessmen and that is kind of cool. They are really nice and have sort of a good air about them. And I have found out that I really fancy men in suits.

A lot of the business that I date at Fulham escorts are international businessmen. That means that they come into town a lot and that is really good for me. Not all of the girls date businessmen, but they make up about 60% of my regulars. As part of my business plan, I have made up a lot of business cards. They are very discreet and I hand them out to all of my dates. They offer massage services and don’t mention the agency name. However, they do get me a lot of business.


My boss at Fulham escorts say that I work really smart and will be successful at the agency, He is such a nice guy that I don’t have the heart to tell him that I am dreaming of being a VIP escort in Mayfair. As a matter of fact, I am doing really well here and I am not sure if it is worth becoming a VIP girl in Mayfair. Looking at it, it would cost me a lot of money to live in Mayfair, so I might be better off here. At least I would have all of my men in suits.…

I would love to have made it as London Escort.


It is not as easy as you think and if you would like to make it as a London Escort in London or elsewhere, I have got some hot tips for you. Sure, it is easy to think that it is all about hustling for money, but that is not true. When you want to make it big as a London Outcall Escort, it is important to appreciate it is a complete lifestyle and that is what you should focus.

First of all, I tell all of the girls who would like to be London Escorts, not to give up the day job. It can be tempting to do so, but you are really not doing yourself any favors at all. When I started to work for London escorts, I did not give up my day job, and even after I left, I am still hanging on to that little job. To gents, it makes you seem more genuine, and that is how you are going to get more out being a London Escort. After all, you don’t want to appear to be too “flash” if you know what I mean.

Yes, it is tempting to go out and find yourself a nice apartment. Many of the girls that I worked with at London escorts did buy nice flats. I bought two apartments in a less select area of London, and hung onto my own little one bedroom place. The two apartments are rented out, and I live in my old place. It makes me seem like I am just a normal girl. My “sponsors” as I like to call them, don’t know that I have the other two apartments, and can only see my little place. It looks all girlie, and they think that I am just a regular girl.

Should you dress in all designer gear? When I worked for London escorts, I learned that men don’t give you very big tips if you dress in designer gear. They seem to take the point of view that you have plenty of money. So, I never wear designer gear. The only time I do so, is when a gent has give me something special. If he has given me a nice watch, bag or item of clothing, I always put in on when I am with him. Otherwise, it stays firmly in the wardrobe.

Should a relationship end, I always sell off all of the posh stuff that I have been given. It can be hard to sell clothes, but I do manage to sell a lot of my stuff on ebay or in one of those stores in London which sell second designer gear. I keep all of the jewellery I receive from my dates. Tucked in the back of my cupboard, is this little wall safe, and that is where I keep all of my bling. I have a feeling that there are plenty of girls from London escorts who do the same thing. It is kind of a little insurance plan, and when you get older, I guess you can always sell all of the stuff you have accumulated over the years.


I find that having sex and talking about sex is very liberating

I love the way it makes me feel. Sure, I could have become a relationship counsellor, or sex therapist, but I wanted to be more on the ground floor. Therapists and counsellors often seem to float above it all, and that is the main reason I did not want to go down that route.

My path to enlightenment to London escorts was not straight at all. Some girls go straight into escorting after having done a boring office job or worked in the supermarket. I would say that the majority of the girls at London escorts have had rather menial jobs before joining London escorts. However, it does not take you very long to realise that working in a supermarket or office, is not going to earn you a lot of money, and you have to move on.

Before London escorts, I did a little bit of this and that within the adult industry in London. It started off with dancing and then I moved on to adult modelling. Some girls here at the escorts agency in London that I work for think that they want to be porn stars. I can tell them it is not a very lucrative career as I have been there and done it as well. Working for an escort agency is a much better idea if you would like to do well in London. Some girls come to London with some fantastic dreams, but then have a hard time making them come true. It is not easy to live in London, and I think that many foreign girls should find out more about it.

A few years ago, we used to have a lot more English escorts here at the escort agency, but that has all changed now. The girls who have got into working for London escorts in the last few years have mainly come from abroad. Not all of them stay in the UK, and I think that the vast majority are here to earn a little bit of money before they move back to their home countries. I would not say that they have the same kind of passion for the task as I do.

How long will I stay working for London escorts? I really don’t know but this job appeals to me. Some girls stay working for escort agencies in London for a long time, others move on more quickly. I think that I would like to stay on and work for London escorts as long as I can. Lots of girls these days only do a couple of years, and then they move on. Working for an escort agency is something that you can make a career off, but you need to take it seriously. Not all girls do, and that is where it goes wrong. Having a passion for what you do, helps in any profession and that applies here as well.…

Barking and Barking Escorts


As an American, I get really confused by English town and location names. I am over here to work for a couple of years, and at the moment I am living in a place called Barking in Greater London. Now Barking itself is part of Bromley, and Bromley is controlled by the London Borough of Bromley. All of this stuff has an American like myself totally confused. At first, I thought that Greater London was a different place to London, but it turns out it is London, and is really just the name for a larger area of London. I had not realized that London was going to be so large.

In many ways, London feels larger than many American cities and I am glad that I have been able to find so many local services right on the doorstep. If, I had to travel around London too much, I think that I would probably end up getting lost. One thing that I am really grateful for, is Barking escorts from are more or less on my doorstep. So, if I am in the mood for some adult sexy female company, all I need to do is to pick up the phone. Dating here in the UK is a bit different. So far, all of the Barking escorts that I have met, are a bit more sophisticated than American escorts.

The girls back home who work at escorts are happy to show you a really hot time, but the experience is very different. The girls who work as Barking escorts seem to be professional somehow, but at the same time they deliver a very genuine experience. I have to admit, I am getting kind of hooked on UK style escorts services. They are actually a lot better than many US services. British birds are okay as well, but as I am only here for a few years, I am not sure that there is a point to me starting any relationships, That being said, I do find British girls very sexy, but I tell you what, these girls can really drink.

I have only just realized that British drinks, and the beer, is a lot stronger and is taking some getting used. The girls at Barking escorts can also drink, and there is no way I can keep up with a couple of party girls that I know at the local agency. So far. I have been happy with all of the hot babes that I have met at Barking escorts. I really like the fact that you can meet girls from different countries here. They all have really cute accents, and I must admit. they can seriously turn me on by just talking. Some American escorts claim that they are from elsewhere but the United States, but most of them are rather fake. I have not come across any fake girls here and that is just one of the many things that I enjoy about dating girls here in London.…

The success of an Ascot Escort after so many life difficulties



One of the happiest moment of my life is overcoming the difficulties I have encountered through out my life. Problems in life are like leech they will stick to you until you give up. Just be strong when life gives you a bunch of problems, it is normal, and you have only to deal with it. Life difficulties are just there to molds us to become a better version of ourselves that we need to get out in our shell. Some people discuss God created fortunate and unfortunate people, and they are the curse of having that miserable life. Perhaps, that is an old belief, people have become successful because they work for it, they have done their best and make the best of it. Do not worry if you belong to a poor class of people; most successful people came there because difficult life taught you to strive harder and continue living.


There are moments in life; we want to give up to stop the pain. Sometimes we are used to it, and don t make any move to change our lives because nothing will change and no difference. That no matter how we do our best and work hard for it, we are still in the same place, we even do not move just like we are tired of it and wait for our lives to end. When we are used in our situation we become lazy, we stop trying so hard, we do not know what to do that we stop believing in ourselves too.


My life is hard, I came from a low-income family and we do not have stable incomes. Every day I struggle hard for our meals and for our family too. My life is a mess and miserable. I had worked for almost a day and went so tired; sometimes I skip a meal to save. I still dream to have a comfortable life, since dreaming is free and no costs. I haven’t continue college, I am self-support on my studies, but last year mom got sick that I have to support her medicines too, my love for her is bigger than the dream I have. One time I got an opportunity to ascot, and so I grabbed it. I work as an Ascot escort from there that helps me a lot to pay our debts and hospitalized my mom. My life is slowly changing, and so my dreams are coming true. I have bought a house and a car. I lived comfortably and bought everything I want. I keep looking back to my past and realize that without it, I will never be who I am today.…

Booking Wimbledon escorts gave me a chance at a better life

Finding real friends is hard to do. There are many people and yet only a few that are good for you. You may see a lot of personalities taking pictures with a lot of people and seems to be having a lot of fun. But it is not always true, some people are after money, and will let you go as soon as you run out of it. But it’s not easy to tell the difference between people that are wrong for you and right. That is why so many people are getting deceived and fall into the trap. When I was a young man, my father always tells me the story about his parents. My grandfather was a wealthy man because he inherited a good amount of property from his parents. But it got all wasted because he was with the wrong people. People that were only after his money and in the end he died broke and miserable. It is a sorrowful story that stuck with me all the time. I also learned my lesson when a person that I considered my best friend at the time wanted to have to borrow the key to my apartment I trusted her I did not mind at all. A few days later when I return to my apartment from home. I was shocked at what happened to my room. All the expensive things are stolen, my TV, wallet and some jewellery. It was regrettable, I reported her to the police, but they did not find her. From that day on I was careful with people that I meet. When I graduated from college and worked as an assistant chief in a nice restaurant in the city, I was always stressed at work. I had no time for fun activities for myself. My boss required me to get to work seven days a week eight hours a day, and it was my first job. I couldn’t handle it at that time; I needed help desperately. So I booked a Wimbledon escort from to help me with my stress and the burden of work. And it works, I found out that booking Wimbledon escorts helps me relieve stress and anxiety. Escorts sustained me at times where I felt I would give up. When I got promoted as a head chef, I was so happy I immediately call my parents about the good news. They were so proud of me they can hardly believe it. Now I can help them financially and aid them in times of needs. Making my parents feel proud of me was everything. It is my goal all the time. If I had not book Wimbledon escort, I doubt that I can be where I am now if it weren’t for them…