Dating for business functions is the new in here at Aldgate escorts.

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When I first started to work for the agency, it was not that in to date for business in this part of London, but a lot of that has changed. Many of the local hotel chains like to market to business people. Could it be that other people are travelling around less? I am honestly beginning to think that a lot of the travellers that we are seeing around are business travellers and not private individuals.

If you want to get into dating for business functions, it is important to consider what kind of talents that you may have. When I first started out, I found that my work as a hostess helped a lot. I was used to looking after several gents at once and it sort of shone through. Unlike some of the other girls here at Aldgate escorts from, I was happy to sit on a table with only gents and chat to them. Some of the girls say that they think it would be a kind of strange experience. It did not worry me at all.

You also need to smarten up your wardrobe. Some of the girls here at Aldgate escorts have gone out and spent a small fortune on clothes. Fortunately for me, I had lots of clothes that were suitable and I really think that I fitted in rather smoothly. On top of being dressed nicely, I stopped wearing stilettos when I went out on business dates. It can make you look a lot more sophisticated and I think that is what many gents look for when it comes to business functions.

Also you need to be careful with your choice of topics. You can not really sit yourself down and tell a gent that you work for Aldgate escorts. Often there is one gent who has organized the presence of girls and the other gents may not be prepared for it. Telling a gent that you have just met that you work for Aldgate escorts may not be the smartest thing that you can do. Some of the younger girls have done it but I have managed to keep my lips sealed.

Do I enjoy business functions? At first I was a bit apprehensive and did not know if I would enjoy them. After a while, I got into the swing of things and now I really enjoy them. Business functions get you away from run of the mills escort duties and you do get some good tips as well. If you are really good, you can make your living from just business functions. I know a couple of girls at another agency who do just that. It has not happened at Aldgate escorts as yet, but I suspect that it will happen one day. I would be completely happy about that and I have met some really nice guys who work for local companies and they now meet up with me on regular basis.

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