Dagenham escorts on stealing dates
Posted on: November 14, 2016, by : imshakin

We have got this new girl at https://charlotteaction.org/dagenham-escorts Dagenham escorts. She is a really sexy lady and has got tons of experience of escorting both in the UK and abroad. To be honest, she is probably okay but there are a few problems. She seems to be stealing dates from the rest of us and I don’t think that is far. All of the gents say that she is always prepared to go that extra mile for them and really put herself put when it comes to dating.

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The problem is that it has made the working atmosphere here at Dagenham escorts really bitchy. We never used to have any problems at the agency before this girl joined, but now we are at logger heads all off the time. We keep blaming this girl for all of our misfortune. The thing is that I have lost loads of dates she joined, and it is simply not fair. Just like the other girls, I have spent a lot of time building up my dating diary.
We all worked really hard before this girl came along. One of the girls has complained to the boss about it, but he told her to find out what this other girl is doing right instead. That is not very nice as we have all earned our boss lots of money over the last few years. When I spoke to him about the situation, he said that he wanted a girl at Dagenham escorts who really stands out. This one does that alright.
In many ways I don’t feel like staying at the agency. I have worked for Dagenham escorts for a couple of years now and I wonder if it is about time that I moved on. A couple of the other girls at the escort agency feel the same way, and I know that they are actively looking for new jobs. There are vacancies around but most of them are in central London. It would be nice to continue to work here but not under these circumstances. Would I look for another job? Yes, I would certainly look for another job and I would not hesitate to leave to work for a nice escort agency. Yes, it would mean starting again, but that would be better than this.
I hate what has happened to our escort agency and I am not sure how I feel about escorting altogether. Dagenham escorts used to be this nice small escort agency. Now we are just acting like one of those really big agencies in London. Nobody cares about anybody at all. I know that the girls in central London are probably making a lot of money, but it is not the sort of atmosphere that I would like to work in. It would be so nice to have our own little personal North London escort agency back again. But I don’t think that is going to happen while the boss is going after the big bucks so to speak. Sexy girls are so adorable to date.

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